Part 2: Handling forms

If you have a lot of AJAX on page, sue you do want submit forms via AJAX too. Django RPC can help you with this. We use a little bit patched version of jQuery Form Plugin.

For now you can’t submit forms with file input.

Create form

Lets crate some feedback form in main/

from django import forms
from rpc.utils.forms import AjaxForm

class FeedbackForm(forms.Form, AjaxForm):
    email = forms.EmailField()
    message = forms.CharField(widget=forms.Textarea())

    def send(self):
        print 'Send!'

You can see mixin AjaxForm, it just allows easy get validation errors in dictionary and return then in response.

We hope you know how to create page and show this form using Django.

Create action method

Lets add new method to out MainApiClass for handling form:

from djangorpc.decorators import form_handler

class MainApiClass(object):

    def submit(self, rdata, user):
        form = FeedbackForm(rdata)
        if form.is_valid():
            return Msg(u'Thank you for feedback.')
            return Error(form.get_errors())

It is really simple. Remember that Error and Msg are just a dictionary. If you submit empty form, you will get such response:

    "error": {
        "message": "This field is required.",
        "email": "This field is required."

If form is valid, you will get:

    "msg": "Thank you for feedback."

Decorator form_handler() tells that this method handles form submit. Otherwise you will get error about incorrect arguments number.

Javascript code

Now lets make it works. Add following to your page:

        type: 'RPC',
        api: {
            submit: MainApi.submit
        success: function(data, rpc_response, $form){
            if (data.success){
            } else {
                for (key in data.error){
                    var $field = $('input[name="'+key+'"], textarea[name="'+key+'"]', $form);
                    var error = '<p class="error_list">'+data.error[key]+'</p>';
                    if ($field.length){
                        $('.global-errors', $form).prepend(error);
        beforeSubmit: function(formData, $Form, options){
            $('p.error_list', $Form).remove();

If you read jQuery Form Plugin documenation, you know that type option define the method in which the form data should be submitted(POST or GET). We’ve added new method RPC and new option api, where you can define what RPC method use to submit form. This is something like it works in ExtJs, so maybe we will add load method, to load form initial data.

In success callback we show validation error or success message.

Form with files

You can submit forms with files to RPC. It works the same way, just action should accept files in the second argument. For example:

class MainApiClass(object):

    def submit_file(self, rdata, files, user):
        form = FileForm(rdata, files)
        if form.is_valid():
            return Msg(form.cleaned_data['file'].size)
            return Error(form.get_errors())