Let’s take a look at a quick example how to use Django RPC application.

We’ll create a page with a button, which calls a server-side method using Django RPC.

Create rpc.py in your project folder with the following code:

from djangorpc import RpcRouter, Msg

class MainApiClass(object):

    def hello(self, username, user):
        return Msg(u'Hello, %s!' % username)

rpc_router = RpcRouter({
    'MainApi': MainApiClass(),

Add this to urls.py:

from django.conf.urls import patterns, include, url
from rpc import rpc_router

urlpatterns = patterns('someproject.someapp.views',
    url(r'^rpc/', include(rpc_router.urls))

Add the following code to the page template:

<script src="{% url 'jsapi' %}"></script>
    MainApi.hello('username', function(resp, sb){

Reload the page and you will see an alert with the message “Hello, username!”.

The working project example you can find in our repo https://github.com/Alerion/Django-RPC.